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NightGuardLab makes and sells custom made teeth guards to prevent teeth clenching and teeth grinding during the night. Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism and can cause other health problems such as worn teeth, headaches, jaw pain, broken teeth and ear aches. NightGuardLab will send customers a kit so that they can make an impression of their teeth and send it back to NightGuardLab. NightGuardLab will then make the custom fit teeth guard and mail it back to the customer. NightGuardLab makes ...
Published by Sam Montana 43 months ago in Dental Health & Oral Hygiene | +0 votes | 0 comments
Victory Electronic Cigarettes sells electronic cigarettes or eCigs. Electronic cigarettes have become very popular, especially among those who want to quit smoking and not smell like cigarettes or inhale smoke. eCigs do not burn and they do not contain tobacco. They are basically a battery (the part that looks like the cigarette) and a cartomizer or cartridge, which is the part that looks like the filter. Liquid nicotine is in the cartridge and when a person pulls or drags on the electronic ciga...
Published by Sam Montana 44 months ago in Smoking Cessation | +0 votes | 0 comments
Walk to burn your calories. It is the best way to burn calories easily. It is simple. It is easier than any other form of exercise. It is the most ideal exercise suitable for all. The modern fitness industry is hooking the world to invest in gym memberships and purchasing equipment for their gym exercises. This focus on fitness industry should not in any way underestimate the value of walking.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Energy & Fighting Fatigue | +2 votes | 1 comments
Many times in a day you become listless and hate to do anything? Your body and mind are experiencing fatigue? You lack motivation to do any work. If you are physically exhausted for a long time due to overworking or some other reason, your mind also will become exhausted. You may experience fatigue due to various reasons. If you feel tired and exhausted, you may try these easy home remedies.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Energy & Fighting Fatigue | +3 votes | 0 comments
Wisdom teeth are the last ones to grow when a man or woman reaches adulthood. Are they necessary for human beings? In what way they are good or bad for human health? The growth of Wisdom teeth may affect other teeth as they develop. They may become impacted or grow sideways. Generally, people go for extracting the teeth grown sideways as they may find them difficult to manage.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Dental Health & Oral Hygiene | +2 votes | 0 comments
Depression in the modern lifestyle is worse than an atom bomb. It kills generations. Fight with depression by adding the five food weapons into your diet. Modern culture, obsessed with financial success and achieving happiness and pleasure through any short cut, is being strangled by the monstrous effects of depression. Eat a balanced diet that can fight with your depression and protect your health.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Brain Health & Neurology | +4 votes | 0 comments
List of free samples and how to get them. Also a tip on not getting scammed by supposed free sample offers. All offers listed above are legitimate and are easy to obtain for anyone. I enjoy getting freebies myself. It is a great way to try out new products without risking the loss of money. If you get to try a sample you always know if you like something or if it can work for you before you spend money on it.
Published by Rae Morvay 48 months ago in Wellness | +1 votes | 0 comments
The fall in temperature challenges the immunity of the body and causes diseases. Cold weather affects people suffering from arthritis diseases. Millions of people suffer from some type of arthritis. It is a proven fact that many patients experience a worsening of joint pains with changes in the weather. Changes in modern lifestyle and lack of exercises have worsened the health condition of the arthritis patients.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Bone Health | +3 votes | 0 comments
Nature changes itself according to the movements of stars and planets. When the sun goes down to the southern hemisphere, the northern parts become cold. The season changes cause a fall in temperature. Temperature changes affect the body. Allergies are caused by pollutants in the environment. Keeping the atmosphere clean, free from allergens, is a preventive method of escaping allergies.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Immune System | +0 votes | 0 comments
Mouth has many parts that help the eating process. Each part in the mouth has a specific purpose and function for eating and helping the digestion process. The part played by teeth in the mouth for digestion and keeping the face beautiful is very vital. Teeth have to be maintained well for good digestion and health. Teeth add beauty to your smile and facial expression. They are also essential for your clear speech. They show humanity how to live a harmonious life, by their teamwork.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Dental Health & Oral Hygiene | +1 votes | 0 comments
The eyes are the windows of light. They are the primary channels of wisdom. It is a well-known fact that many of the eye problems start in the very early age of infancy. They have to be taken care of in their childhood. Otherwise, those children with eye problems will have to face potentially serious problems in their later years. A pediatric ophthalmologist may be able to tell if there is any problem in the eyes of a newborn baby.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Eye Care & Vision | +1 votes | 0 comments
A pescatarian is described as a person who abstains from all types of meat except for fish. A pescatarian is not technically a vegetarian but a stepping stone towards a vegetarian lifestyle. Many people are adopting this lifestyle for many reasons including health. A pescatarian diet includes vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, eggs, and other dairy products. The following article discusses the pros and cons of adopting a pescatarian lifestyle.
Published by Latresha Byrd 48 months ago in Healthy Living | +0 votes | 0 comments
Many of the adolescent girls find hard times during their adolescence. The surging hormones and emotional changes in teenage girls pose parents and society great challenges. Many girls struggle with weight gain and body changes. Many teenage girls fight hard to deal with acne and cope with their mood changes. Early diagnosis and treatment of PCOS disorders can help growing teenage girls.
Published by +Paulose 48 months ago in Sexual Health | +1 votes | 0 comments
The rainbow represents all colors. It is a sign of good health. The rainbow suggests humanity that if people eat all colors found in nature, they can maintain their health as well. Yes, vegetables and fruits of various colors can protect your health in many ways. Each color has its own importance to enhance your health. There are thousands of ideas if you just sit and imagine for a few minutes.
Published by +Paulose 49 months ago in Food Safety | +2 votes | 0 comments
Starfire Cigs are an electronic cigarette or an e-cig. Electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity because they do not burn, do not cause smoke or second hand smoke, and do not contain the thousands of chemicals and tar that a real cigarette contains. Electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine and the user gets the nicotine without all of the burning chemicals of a traditional cigarette. Starfire Cigs sells the following e-cig products. Electronic cigarette starter kits that contain the e-...
Published by Sam Montana 49 months ago in Smoking Cessation | +0 votes | 2 comments
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